Monogram Etiquette
At Preppy and Personalized, we take the latest trends and then add options for personalization that ensure you get the very best quality for the best price! Our Monogram Etiquette Guide includes valuable information for ordering personalized gift items.
always enter personalization as you wish it to appear
Names Versus Monograms
Most of our items have the option of choosing a name or a monogram. The best choice for your particular gift item is usually a matter of personal preference. Keep in mind that although monograms are more formal than names, they are still appropriate for more casual gifts. The following tips are suggestions to help you make your gift as personal and pleasing as possible:
  • Use monograms for items that you do not wish to reveal too much information about you, such as decorative license plates
  • Use monograms for home accent gifts designed for use by more than one person, such as cutting boards
  • Use monograms for serveware and gifts designed for hosting guests, such as coasters and serving trays
  • Use the traditional "couples" monogram for wedding and housewarming gifts for newlyweds
  • Use names for gifts designed for use by one person, such as placemats and plates
How Names Are Displayed
Unless otherwise specified, we always capitalize the first name. If you want the first name in lowcaps, you MUST specify when you order.
Standard name display:
Capitalized Name Display
Lowcaps available by request:
Lowcaps Name Display
We do NOT offer first and middle names OR first and last names. If your name is a double first name (i.e. Betty Sue), you MUST let us know when you order.
Monograms for Girls and Women
Traditionally, monograms are displayed as First LAST Middle, with the last name initial as the largest. This is correct monogram etiquette for girls of any age. For instance, a monogram for Anna Renee Tildown would be displayed like the sample to the right, regardless of age:
Womens Monogram Display
Monograms for Boys and Men
Monograms for baby boys and young boys follows the same tradition as monograms for girls. However, older boys can choose the traditional Men's Monogram: First Middle Last, with all the initials the same size and height. For instance, a monogram for Chester Adam Johnson would be displayed like the sample to the right for men and older boys:
Mens Monogram Display
Monograms for Couples
In today's era of women keeping their maiden names or hyphenating with the husband's last name, it can be difficult to determine what's appropriate for a couples monogram. The following is meant to serve as a guide, but we recommend asking the couple how they wish their monogram to appear. If the gift is a surprise or you are not comfortable asking, consider a single initial monogram.
The traditional couples monogram is Brides First Name LAST MARRIED NAME Grooms First Name, with the last name initial as the largest. For instance, if Cassie B. Nelson marries Frank H. Reisman, their monogram would be as displayed to the right.
Couples Monogram Display
However, if Cassie B. Nelson marries Frank H. Reisman, and decides to hyphenate his last name with hers, their monogram would be as displayed to the right. (Brides First Name, HYPHENATED LAST NAME, Grooms First Name [hyphenated last name initial larger])
Couples Monogram Display - Hyphenated Last Name
And if Cassie B. Nelson marries Frank H. Reisman, but desires to keep her own maiden name, the monogram changes to only last initials (bride's first) with a dot, diamond, or other decoration in the center. (Displayed to the right)
Couples Monogram Display - Keeping Maiden Name
Suggestions on Fonts
When choosing your font, keep in mind the recipient and the purpose. script fonts are usually best for elegant gifts, including serveware, gifts for entertaining, and hostess gifts... even if intended for a couple. Fun playful fonts are great for children's gifts and adult gifts for more casual use. Block fonts are always a good choice for men and boys.
Preppy and Personalized Fonts