Running the World by Hunter Stanley (P&P Intern)

We just brought running shorts to a whole new level! Whether you are running a marathon, hiking a mountain or just out running errands, running shorts are the most comfortable and convenient option out there, but let’s be real, they aren’t always the most fashionable pieces of clothing… No worries!

You can now be preppy no matter the occasion with our monogrammed running shorts. They are sassy, sporty, chic and all around awesome. From three different styles and tons of different color options to choose from, we have the perfect running shorts for all!

Visit our site to see them all!

Batter Up...

Isn’t it funny how much having kids changes us?

For as long as I can remember, I have loved all things monogrammed, BUT in the interest of full disclosure, had you told me pre-kids I would want to wear a baseball style shirt with a big ol’ monogram slapped across the front, I would have laughed my head off at you.

But then my son started playing baseball. And just like that – I was a baseball mama. And proud of it!

So proud that I absolutely could not wait to sell these adorable baseball mama shirts.

They are available in 4 colors so you can coordinate with your child’s team. This week, we are also offering FREE SHIPPING on these fun shirts so don’t miss out!

Preppy Front Door Decor

I’m not going to go as far as call it a competition, but in my neighborhood, everyone’s front door décor changes with the season and we are all secretly hoping to be the best on the block!

There are so many gorgeous options out right now, but monogrammed front door décor is definitely on trend.

Of course, that is right up our alley, and we are in L-O-V-E, LOVE with the Metal Monogrammed Collection on our site.

My sweet bunnies will hop away Monday, and out will come the summertime anchors! Fall will bring footballs and apples, then will come pumpkins and Christmas trees….the preppy cuteness can span the calendar with these classic metal pieces!

The monograms attach to the pieces by magnets so that means you can also use the monograms by themselves! We’ve had customers just use the monograms on the doors or add the monograms to a wreath for a whole new look!

We’ve also had teachers use the large pieces for dry erase boards in their classroom. One teacher did a counting lesson using the metal apple to draw apples and it was ADORABLE!

No matter how you use the classic monogrammed metal pieces, they are sure to be a huge hit! And between us, if you do happen to use them for front door décor, you can almost guarantee you’ll be the best on the block! Not that it is a competition or anything. :-) 

You can't "cover up" preppy cuteness!

By this stage of spring, it is HOT here in sunny Florida, but I know some of y’all are still waiting for warmer weather to arrive. It will be here soon, I promise.

Our theme for this week’s P&P Spotlight Sale is BE READY!

Initially we thought those fun coverups would be perfect for our teen shoppers, and they certainly are…BUT we have found that mamas love them just as much as daughters. They pair perfectly with the large brimmed visors for days when you want to keep the sun off your face.

We added the terry cloth coverups to the sale, because you asked us to add them! Apparently they are super convenient to have at the pool because they can double as a towel and coverup. Who knew??? Y’all did, and that is one of the reason the P&P customers are the BEST customers!

For the record, I'm old school and still use the terrycloth "coverup" as my summer robe so I can attest to them being PERFECT for that, too! If you haven't noticed we LOVE selling things that have dual purposes! 


Wendy & Julie

Hippity, Hoppity

We are officially less than a month away from Easter now! It’s so cliché, I know, but it truly seems like we were brainstorming Halloween costume ideas just yesterday. In all actuality, I spent a lot more time shoveling candy corns in my mouth than I did coming up with cute costumes, but you get the point.

In celebration of this wonderful time of year, this week’s Spotlight Sale has a few things that are perfect for Easter fun!

For Easter decorating, it just doesn’t get any cuter than the metal bunnies for your front door! These are adorable both with the magnetic monogram and by themselves. Rumor has it that these make great gifts for teachers to use in their classrooms as dry erase boards, too.

Because I know y’all will ask – the easiest way to hang these on your front door is by using a Command hook. So easy that even I could do! I just tied a little piece of jute through the hole at the top of the bunny and looped that over the hook. A cute bow will hide the jute, and the finished product is sure to have you rocking the best bunny on the block!

For the kiddos, we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these fun, collapsible Easter buckets. They are the perfect size and shape for egg hunting, but can also serve other purposes long after all of that plastic grass is vacuumed out of your carpet! Surely that’s not just at my house, right?

Just a quick reminder - everything in our Spotlight Sale has FREE SHIPPING and FREE MONOGRAMS!!! 

Thank y'all so much for visiting our blog. We truly appreciate each and every customer.

Blessings, y'all...

Wendy & Julie

Welcome from the P&P Girls!

It’s our first blog entry, y’all!!! 

We’ve been talking about starting a blog for years, and finally just decided to bite the bullet and do it! We are so excited, because we know this will be a great way to connect with our sweet customers.

This will be a place where we share new products and discuss current trends, but you can also expect some real life stories about balancing work and families, because let’s face it – it’s all about that balance when you are a working mama!

Our big news from this week is that we launched the new Preppy & Personalized website. A lot of work went into this, and through very tired eyes, I can absolutely say it was worth all of the late night hours.

You will now be able to shop for your preppy favorites around the clock!

Our famous Spotlight Sales will also continue on a regular basis, too. During those sales, you will be able to receive things like special pricing and/or free shipping. Make sure to sign up for our newsletter so you can know when these sales happen.

After touring the site, please let us know if you have questions or any suggestions. We truly appreciate YOU and value your opinion!

Thank you so much for visiting the Preppy & Personalized blog. Stay tuned for more preppy posts!

Blessings, y’all….

Wendy & Julie


July 31, 2014

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